Laurens Personal Limbo (tenderbloodrose) wrote in shopping_lists,
Laurens Personal Limbo

Just a little shopping here and there, fun stuff with Xmas money, and some boring grocery/household!

Jacob Connexion
Black t-shirt with sequin graphic, 12.99

Apple cinammon cheerios
All dressed crispers
Febreeze vanilla air effects -1 dollar coupon
Covergirl light powder-1 dollar coupon

5 cute pairs of boy short underwear, all for 10 bucks -15%

Black basic ear phones
Lite becel margarine
Cascade dishwasher pacs -1.50 coupon
3 pack of stainless steel scrubbers
Nature Valley granola bars
Air refill freshner
Scrubbing bubbles foaming shower cleaner -1 dollar coupon
Electrosol dishwasher gel
Plunger! an essential!
-10 percent

Pharma Plus
Charmin tp 8 rolls double x 2 -1.25 coupon
Tide stain release gel pacs for the washer, FANTASTIC! -1 dollar coupon
Compax regular tampons, 40 pack, -2.50 coupon
2 bottles of cute nail polish
White cheddar rice cakes
Gillette mens conditioner
Swedish berries
-2 dollar store discount coupon

Loblaws grocery store
2/5 oral b toothbrushes
3 pack of watermelon trident
fresh fruit platter
two packages of instant noodles
Oatmeal crisp with raisins
Blueberry blossom dessert..mmmm
Lite cool whip
Raspberry vinagrette salad dressing
2 steaks-
-94 cent cash back from local gas station

Shoppers Drugmart
1% milk
Reduced fat bbq pringles
Brown bread
Dial body wash -50 cent coupon
Yoplait source peach yogurt
Gilette satin care shave gel -1dollar coupon
Crest pro health rinse 1 litre -2.00 coupon
Crest vivid white toothpaste -50cent coupon
3 boxes of nature valley sweet and salty bars..mmmm
Life brand kitchen garbage bags
Hair clips
Tositios tortilla chips
Bikini zone cream
People magazine
2 packages of life brand 25 ft alum. foil
Diana's honey garlic sauce
Maple brown sugar oatmeal x 2
Skillet ready to prepare meals
Folgers coffee

Jon and Kate plus 8 season 5, super cheap
Blackberry 8310 curve, my treat, AMAZING price at 175. used with xmas money!

whew there we go! looks like a lot..but didnt cost much....until the last item! post ppl!
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