Laurens Personal Limbo (tenderbloodrose) wrote in shopping_lists,
Laurens Personal Limbo

Fall clothing, and groceries!

Shopping since last post

Sirens clothing
Dark grey bootcut jeans

Bright blue v-neck top 12 bucks -10%

Bon cop Bad Cop DVD 5 bucks, I love that movie

Marcelle ivory foundation
Covergirl light powder, -1$ coupon

black lace camisole

Black EMU suede boots

Suzy Shier
black cotton shrug -10%

Stolen Innocence
-10 percent

Shoppers drugmart
Gillette fusion shave gel -$2 coupon
Sun rype grape juice boxes
Can of full throttle
Strawvberry pop tarts
Fructis conditioner
Gillette man shampoo-$1 coupon

Pharma Plus
12 rolls of Cottonelle bath tissue, - 1 dollar coupon
Fresh wipes
Febreeze hawaiian air effects -1 dollar coupon
box of smarties
8 roll of double charmin -50 cent coupon
2 boxes of royale kleenex
Tampax pearls, -$1 coupon
7 day pill container
Herbal essences tousle me mousse -50 cent coupon

Loblaws Superstore
2 onion buns
Brown bread
Cinammon raison bagels
2 boxes of dark chocolate Nature valley granola bars -$1 coupon
Maple brown sugar oatmeal
Tim hortons fine ground coffee
Penne pasta
a few different frozen juices
Ham and turkey cut from the deli
Low fat strawberry yogurt
Skim mozarella cheese
Fat free mozza cheese slices -$2 coupon
Mild cheddar cheese
1% milk
Frozen brocolli with cheese sauce
Low fat frozen meatballs
Campells low fat cream of chicken soup
Scalloped potaotes
bottle of root beer
4 bottles of gatorade
Classico sweet marinara pasta sauce
Club pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts
Low fat hot dogs
Quaker white cheddar rice cakes -75 cent coupon
24 pack of water

6 pack of bottled dr pepper
Small bag of ketchup chips to cure my craving
Honeycomb cereal
Light miracle whip
Lasanga noodles
Ritz crackers
Dark chocolate granola bars -coupon
Classico four cheese pasta sauce
Large hamper
Strawberry gum buy one get one
Wii fit plus game
Carton of apple juice
Chocolate chip granola bars
Tropicana tropical blend orange juice
Electrasol gelpacs
Cranberry granola bars
Honey bunches of oats cereal-2 coupon
2 bistro rice packs, -$2 coupon
Tangerine grapefruit crystal light
-10 percent
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