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Thursday, April 15th, 2010
1:59 pm

Shopping over the past while

Home Outfitters, where my best friend is registered for her wedding next month
4 pack of beautiful wedding glasses
2 gorgeous king size mocha coloured bath towels, 2 hand towels
Cookie sheet
Banana guard, funny gift, best thing ever
4 pack of short glasses

2/10 t-shirts
Long t-shirts, white and black
-10% spc card

Spring Shoes
Black leather flats -10%

Suzy Shier
Long sleeve lace dress, above the knee, adorable. Unfortunately worn at a wake!
-10% spc card

Pharma Plus
2 bottles of vanilla cake body wash 50% off
bottle of diet coke
2 packages of double 8 rolls of charmin tp -1.25 coupon

Small fruit and veggie platter for best friends bridal shower
100% real apple juice
3 cans of heinz beans
Alfredo sauce
Breakfast to go for scott
Scoobi doo pasta
Fruit jello cups
Diet coke
frozen brocolli and cauliflower
Frozen lean turkey breasts
Apple turnovers
4 pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts
Brown eggs
Fresh beef tortellini
Pro advantage blueberry and raspberry yogurt
Skim mozzarella and low fat marble cheese
frozen shepards pie
Low fat chicken strips
Satisfaction yogurt, -50 cent coupon
brown bread
Granny smith apples
Sweet potatoes

Spiral french fries
silicone sealer
Chocolate ice cream for my other half
Hungryman dinner
2 4 litre bottles of water
RCA alarm clock
Smuckers strawberry jam -50 cent coupon
Crystal Light raspberry ice
2 bottles of yop yogurt
7 pack of low cut womens socks
Classico tomatoe basil pasta sauce
Unsweetened applesauce
Gatorade 6 pack
Apple jacks cereal
Downy orchid liquid fabric softener -50 cent coupon
50 ft tinfoil
Ziploc freezer bags
Ice cream sandwich pudding cups
2 pack of aloe lip balm
travel lady speed stick
Truly brand rinse agent for dishwasher
-10% spc card

Shoppers drugmart
Aleve tablets
Tropicana orange juice
Febreeze air freshner -50cent coupon
Bus pass
2 bottles of gatarode three bucks
Jergens lotion, cherry almond scent
Bright pink sally hansen nail polish
Carmex cherry lip balm
1% milk
Gain HE detergent -1 dollar coupon
Dial apple bodywash
Lipton garlic pasta
pack of stamps

Tip Top Tailors for Scott, a sad day funeral for his older sister
2 dress shirts, one black, one blue
2 ties, one red one blue/brown print
CK jacket and pants
-10% spc card

(your total is:)

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
2:28 pm

Rogers Plus
4 gb SD card for my blackberry

Boston Pizza-night of Carrie Underwood concert-which was AMAZING!
2 x Fuzzy peach mixed drink
Individual hawaiian pizza
2 shots
half order of garlic bread

Gap Kids
for my best friends birthday, she wanted something for her daughter
Adorable black floral dress 12-18 months -25%

Flare dark denim jeans Only 13 bucks!
-10% discount

Sunlight HE green clean citrus scent -2 dollar coupon

Dynamite Clothing
Grey crossover v-neck top
Cream coloured loose cardigan
-10% discount

The Ring DVD -3 bucks!
body poof
Crest mouthwash -1 dollar coupon
25 pack of Electrasol dishwasher pacs -3.50 coupon

Pharma Plus
Cascade dishwasher detergent -50 cent coupon
Marcelle ivory makeup 40% off

Wedding gift bag and card
Can opener
bottle of dr pepper
Oatmeal crisp cereal
Beneful dog food, buy one get one free coupon
-10% overall discount

The Bay wedding gift for friends
Walnut wood basket, came off the registry they had made
-10% discount

Shoppers drugmart
Buckleys cold flu caplets
2 bottles of blue gatorade
Vicks rub
5 bottles of HE gain liquid -5 dollar coupons, for my mom. It's the best detergent!
Juniour mints
Oasis orange banana juice
Sunlight powerpacs for our dishwasher
Wedding shower card for my best friend
Dove bar soap 4 count, -1.50 coupon
2 cans of del monte corn
Mccain sweet potato fries
Playtex tampons
2 boxes of nature valley dark chocolate granola bars
Honey bunches of oats cereal, -1 dollar coupon
Oral b manual toothbrush -1 dollar coupon
2 hungry man dinners for scott
Royale tp -1 dollar coupon
Dempsters brown bread
12 pack of bottled water
12 pack of Coke
1% milk

eyebrow wax
8 adorable wedding cake mini candles for my best friends wedding shower
charger for my blackberry

grocery shopping this evening!

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
2:14 pm

Over the past while.
Lots of grocery shopping. Wooo All this stuff was over the past couple trips, not all at once

2 sets of Queen fitted sheets, really cheap for 4 dollars, not great quality, but we needed extra sets :)
Stick vac -10%
30 pack of bottled water
Brown sugar oatmeal
Tide to go pen -50 cent coupon

Best Buy
Microphone/head set. I'll use the stupid mic for one assignment, but the headphone are amazing
8gb SD card

EB Games
House of the Dead for the Wii-used -10% discount card
such a fun game!

Le Chateau with gift card money from Christmas
A beautiful spaghetti strap black and pale pink dress, with pleated floral print.
SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm wearing it to a wedding in a week

Pharma Plus
Lint roller
4 pack of juicy fruit gum
2 boxes of peanut sweet and salty granola bars for 4 bucks
Airwick plug in air freshner
Lotto mox ticket, won 20 dollars woo
Tide HE detergent -1 dollar coupon
2 things of NYC clear lip gloss
Pink nail polish

Shoppers drugmart
box of delicious gushers
red duotang for school
March bus pass
Honey nut cheerios
Crest vivid white toothpaste -50 cent coupon
1% milk
French onion sunchips
2 loaves of brown bread
2 boxes of 3 ply royale facial tissue
3 cans of satin care shavel gel for 6 dollars -5 dollar coupon! HAH what a deal!
Low calorie table syrup
Nivea strawberry lip balm
6 pack of gingerale and coke, for scott's lunchs!
2 boxes of special k strawberry bars
2 bottles of Yop blueberry yogurt
Toe seperators, I paint my toes, not my nails!
Dial anti bacterial hand wash -50 cent coupon
Cetaphil travel cleanser -1.00 coupon

3 hello kitty pink thongs, 1 buck a piece
Corned beef meat for scotts lunch
3 cans of frozen juice
Smuckers strawberry jam -50 cent coupon
Danone 12 pack of fat free yogurt -1 dollar coupon
2 boxes of chocolate chip waffles
Tide stain release pacs -50 cent coupon
Spiral fries
3 frozen dinners -2 dollar coupon
case of pepsi lime
2 boxes of strawberry banana crystal light singles
3 swanson dinners -2 dollar coupon
Tilex fresh shower spray
Bounty 6 pack of paper towels -50 cent coupon
Cascade action pacs for the dishwasher -1.50 coupon
Herbal Essences body envy shampoo and conditioner -50 cent coupon for each
Gain fabric softner sheets -1 dollar coupon
Sidekicks, low sodium
-10 % SPC card discount!

Loblaws- 2 grocery trips
PC orange juice
Grape juice
3 cans of baked beans
Campells condensed cream of chicken low fat soup
Low calorie plum sauce
Dole fruit cups
Tomato basil deli meat
Semi sweet chocolate chips for baking
Romaine lettuce
White cheddar rice cakes
Low fat sour cream
Low fat mozarella cheese
Marble cheese
2 steaks
Low fat frozen shepards pie
Club pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts
Sweet potatoes
Club pack of extra lean ground beef
2 cartons of fruitopia juice
BBQ hot dogs
Honeycomb cereal
3 cans of tuna
Steak sauce
Blueberry/concord grape juice
Glade plug ins-1 dollar coupon
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
Hot dog buns
Prime seasoned chicken breasts -2 dollar coupon
Brown eggs
Brown bread
Baby carrots

So I ended up selling my blackberry for more than I bought it for...so on EBAY
I bought:
a beautiful electric pink 8320 blackberry curve http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270532312534&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT Look at that colour!

Also on ebay
Used copy of Cooking Mama Cook off for the Wii! 6 bucks
Gran torino used, 4 dollars

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Friday, February 26th, 2010
1:24 pm - Yesterday was payday. Min was on the road. We all know what that means.


"Tipping the Velvet", Sarah Waters
"The Curse of the Spellmans", Lisa Lurtz
"On the Wealth of Nations", P.J. O'Rourke
"Middlesex", Jeffrey Eugenides (on CD)

T.J. Maxx
Black/tan Liz pajamas
3 pairs trouser socks, medium purple, aubergine, and black
Condiment bowls in red, green, and yellow (made in Italy)
Round florentine platter (made in Italy)
Square florentine platter (made in Italy)
Round florentine chip/dip bowl (made in Italy)
2 sets of invitations
Paper guest towels

Grande hazelnut latte

current mood: pleased

(2 dollars | your total is:)

1:29 pm - A Bit of My Recent Shopping
angelicshadow Beauty Haul

Are pictures allowed? Because I added some!Collapse )

(2 dollars | your total is:)

Friday, February 19th, 2010
1:14 pm

Shopping over the past while..nothing too exciting.

Used copy of Are you there vodka? Its me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler

Loblaws Grocery Shopping
Fat free sour cream
Spiral french fries
Extra lean ground beef
Boneless skinless chicken breasts
Whole wheat tortillas
Low fat hot dogs
Frozen juice
2 boxes of cinammon waffles
Sweet marinara pasta sauce
Romaine lettuce
Low fat table syrup
2 cheddar veggie sidekicks -2 50cent coupons
Cold cuts from the deli for sandwiches
Power bar
Berry candle
Sunflower oil
Lays chips
Skim mozzarella cheese
English cucumber
Baby carrots
6 pack of blue gatorade
Cesar flavoured croutons
red seedless grapes
Bacon bits
Potato salad
Frozen light apple crisp

32 rolls of majesta tp -1 dollar coupon

Frosted flakes
Icing sugar, lots of birthdays at the group home I work at!
Mr clean wipes, and mr clean multi surface spray -2 dollar coupon
24 pack of bottled water
6 pack of pepsi
Brown sugar
2 cans of melon scented gillette satin care shave gel -2 dollar coupon
Funny heart boxers for Scott, vday
Glade fresh cotton diffuser
2 boxes of strawberry special k bars
Truly brand home dusters
Glad cling wrap
6 pack of womens ankle socks
2L of 1% milk
2 boxes of waffles
-10% SPC discount

Pharma Plus
student bus pass
make up sponges
Quaker cinammon roll bars x 2- 1.50 in store coupons
Lip balm
Tylenol back pain pills -3 dollar coupon
3/10 pop, diet coke, coke, and dr pepper

The Bay
40% off
Red lace thong
Cool printed tights.
8 dollar purchase woo

Jacob Connexion 25% off
Black freece hoodie, soooo comfy

Movie ticket to When in Rome and ticket to Valentines Day both cute movies!

Shoppers drugmart
Runts and a bottle of cream soda, movie snacks!
2 boxes of Royale kleenex
Sunlight cucumber melon dish soap
Sensitive body wash
Bottle of blue powerade
Glade tropical scented oil plug ins-2 dollar coupon
Carleton birthday card
Corn pops cereal
Dove pomegranate body wash -1.50 coupon
Dove pomegranate go fresh deodorant -50 cent coupon
Cosmo magazine, hahaha.
Cascade liquid dishwasher gel -.50 cent coupon
Sugar cookie scented hand wash and cream, on sale from xmas
6 pack of Scott paper towels -75 cent coupon
Brown large eggs
English muffins
1% milk
Jello fat free pudding
6 bottles of Aquafina vitamin water for Scott
Gillete shampoo for scott x 3, -5 dollar coupon
Dempsters brown bread
Honey bunches of oats cereal -75 cent coupon
Secret flawless deodorant -1.50 coupon
Lotto max lottery ticket
Nintendo wii points card
2 sticks of old spice deodorant for scott -1 dollar coupon
Janes chicken strips
2 valentines day cards
Oasis orange juice
Reach citrus flavoured floss -1 dollar coupon
Cascade action dishwasher pacs -1.50 coupon

whew..thats it

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Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
6:24 pm - Stocking up at the Dollar Store and the Food Lion

Baby oil
Light bulbs
Pickle relish
Cooking surface cleaner
Sugar-free Bubble Yum

Garlic bulbs
Ground beef
Hot Italian sausage
Apple-cinnamon spiral cut ham
V-8 juice
Rotel tomatoes
Roasted red peppers
Canned tuna
Smoked gouda
Aged parmesan
Skim milk
Half & half

current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, January 17th, 2010
3:25 pm

Just a little shopping here and there, fun stuff with Xmas money, and some boring grocery/household!

Jacob Connexion
Black t-shirt with sequin graphic, 12.99

Apple cinammon cheerios
All dressed crispers
Febreeze vanilla air effects -1 dollar coupon
Covergirl light powder-1 dollar coupon

5 cute pairs of boy short underwear, all for 10 bucks -15%

Black basic ear phones
Lite becel margarine
Cascade dishwasher pacs -1.50 coupon
3 pack of stainless steel scrubbers
Nature Valley granola bars
Air refill freshner
Scrubbing bubbles foaming shower cleaner -1 dollar coupon
Electrosol dishwasher gel
Plunger! an essential!
-10 percent

Pharma Plus
Charmin tp 8 rolls double x 2 -1.25 coupon
Tide stain release gel pacs for the washer, FANTASTIC! -1 dollar coupon
Compax regular tampons, 40 pack, -2.50 coupon
2 bottles of cute nail polish
White cheddar rice cakes
Gillette mens conditioner
Swedish berries
-2 dollar store discount coupon

Loblaws grocery store
2/5 oral b toothbrushes
3 pack of watermelon trident
fresh fruit platter
two packages of instant noodles
Oatmeal crisp with raisins
Blueberry blossom dessert..mmmm
Lite cool whip
Raspberry vinagrette salad dressing
2 steaks-
-94 cent cash back from local gas station

Shoppers Drugmart
1% milk
Reduced fat bbq pringles
Brown bread
Dial body wash -50 cent coupon
Yoplait source peach yogurt
Gilette satin care shave gel -1dollar coupon
Crest pro health rinse 1 litre -2.00 coupon
Crest vivid white toothpaste -50cent coupon
3 boxes of nature valley sweet and salty bars..mmmm
Life brand kitchen garbage bags
Hair clips
Tositios tortilla chips
Bikini zone cream
People magazine
2 packages of life brand 25 ft alum. foil
Diana's honey garlic sauce
Maple brown sugar oatmeal x 2
Skillet ready to prepare meals
Folgers coffee

Jon and Kate plus 8 season 5, super cheap
Blackberry 8310 curve, my treat, AMAZING price at 175. used with xmas money!

whew there we go! looks like a lot..but didnt cost much....until the last item! post ppl!

(1 dollar | your total is:)

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
5:51 pm

Xmas shopping, and shopping with gift cards!
and some grocery/household stuff

Coles for myself
Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult -35 percent

Walmart with gift card
Fun scrapbooking paper for my best friend xmas present
3 sets of scrapbooking cute stickers same as above
Nutrigrain apple bars-2 dollar coupon..essentially walmart gave me 12 cents.
Softsoap shea butter body wash
bottle of gingerale and rootbeer
4 bottles of blue gatorade, 1 buck a piece
12 pack of duracell batteries -1.00 coupon
Skinny Bitch workout dvd-fitness is my new years resolution
2 pack of Glade plug ins -1 dollar coupon
Terminator salvation DVD for Scott-xmas gift

Super exciting Grocery shopping at Loblaws
Special K red berries cereal
Maple brown sugar oatmeal
Kraft dinner x3
Hamburger helper mix
Chocolate instant breakfast mix
Salad spinner
Cruncy peanut butter
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
Cleaning cloth
Beans x2
Canned corn
Super cheap xmas wrapping paper for next year
Dianas honey garlic sauce
Campells low fat cream of chicken soup
Mixed fruit jello cups, yum
Frozen juice x 4
Pillsbury cinammon buns
Penne pasta
Lite cesar dressing
Romaine lettuce
White potatoes
Extra lean ground beef
Boneless skinless chicken breasts
Stewing beef
2 pack of steaks
Breakfast sausage
Frozen veggies
Gravy mix
Low fat cheddar cheese
Skim mozzarella
Low fat hot dogs
Sweet potato fries

Bluenotes with gift card
Lowrise dark denim jeans

La Senza with gift card
Beige seamless push up bra, love iittt
-10 percent

Old Navy for Scott's nephew xmas
Gray bear sleeper sweater soooo cute -40%

Much Dance 2009 for my stepdad
Vaseline problem skin lotion for scotts stocking
juice fruit gum-stocking stuffer
Playtex tampons x2
DS holder a gift for Scott's nephew
Sidekicks low sodium carbonara 1.00 each
Everpure conditioner
6 pack of apple juice
2 strawberry banana yogurt

Calendar club
50% off
Beautiful Breaking Bounds calendar with gorgeous photos of dance

The Childrens Place for my best friends baby
Pink onsie with cute princess print

Bath and Body Works with gift card for the mall
Irresistable Apple body wash
Coconut lime body wash
Warm vanilla sugar body wash
all three for 12 bucks

American Eagle
Funny boxers for Scott
Gifts from my stepdad
Blue bootcut jeans
Beige fleece zip up hoodie
-10% SPC

Shoppers Drugmart
Marcelle matte finish makeup
DKNY Be delicious perfume -50 dollar gift card
Case of dr pepper, coke, and root beer
1% milk
Nivea mens shower gel for scott
Tropicana strawberry banana juice
Strawberry yogurt
Downy simple pleasure fabric softener-1 dollar coupon
Febreze air effects-1 dollar coupon
Sensitive skin body wash
Dove 2 bars of mandarian peach soap
Student bus pass
Two boxes of nature valley sweet and salty granola bars
Wild berry juice boxes
Banana cream pie pudding!!

Dynamite clothing from my stepdad
Black open long cotton soft cardigan
The office season 1
Moby 18 both very cheap.

The garage with bayshore mall gift card
Black above the knee cute skirt

(your total is:)

Monday, December 21st, 2009
3:36 pm

WOOOOO Xmas Shopping! Can't believe it's Christmas on Friday!!
This is over a few weeks

Best buy
Gifts for Pat
Quentin Tarantino DVD Collection
Unstoppable by the Rascal Flatts

Cardinal of the Kremlin by Tom clancy for Scott
PS3 game magazine for Scott
Wool penguin ornament
Hold Tight book for my mom xmas
Breakable you book for me
-10% irewards

Fun magnet
Awesome mug for Scott
Leopard slippers for my mum

Urban Trade
jeans for Scott

Smart Set
3/4 length sleeve empire waist black sweater for my mom

La Senza for me!
5 pairs of lacy thongs
Black thigh high stockings
2/5 yummy smelling hand sanitizer
Prestige card for 2 dollras
-15 percent
-15 dollar gift card

Old Navy
White and blue striped dress shirt for my stepdad

buy one get one free
long sleeve thermal shirt with colourful logo
grey sweatpants with colourful detail

10 dollar zip up blue wallet

Lcbo for my dad/stepmom
Inniskillin pinot noir
wine bag

Loblaws-groceries Scott and I bought
Cinammon waffles
Orchard punch Dole juice..mmmm
Red grapes
Potato salad
Apple crisp
BBQ chicken
low fat sour cream
Spicy fries
Extra lean ground beef
1% milk
-no pst and gst
-60 cent coupon

Walmart with gift card
Cookie air freshner
Office Space DVD 5 bucks
Speed DVD for Scott xmas 5 bucks
Crystal bangle watch
Red stocking for Scott
Gift tags
Cute ornament

Pretty blue ribbon
Cleansing cloths -1 dollar coupon
Tampax compax tampons -1 dollar coupon
White and green candy cane ornament
Rainbow awesome roll of wrapping paper
gift tags
gift box
club pack of Eggo waffles -2 dollar coupon
6 pack of mens black socks for scott
-10 %

Pharma Plus
Vanilla swirl body wash
Durex tingling lubee oooh lol
Scotties tissue
Low calorie cranberry juice
Pink grapefruit Softsoap body wash
25 pack of gift bows
One a Day Womens vitamins -3 dollar coupon

Shoppers drugmart stuff Scott and I bought over the past while
Wii Sports Resort-split with Scott for his nieces
Preloaded MP3 player for Scott's nephew
1% milk
Christmas card for my stepmom and dad
Birthday card
6 pack of wrapping paper
Scott 6 pack of paper towels -1 dollar coupon
3 pack of tape
Quality street chocolates for Scott's sister
Janes chicken strips
Quaker maple oatmeal
Xmas globe with spot for a photo of Scotty and I, so cute!
Dempsters brown bread
Vanilla frosting bath set for my mom
3 for 9.99 pop, coke, root beer, orange pop
Quaker oatmeal bars
Kellogs special k bars
Grape juice boxes
Tropicana orange juice
Cascade action pacs -1.50 coupon
Satsuma life brand glycerin soap
Arm and hammer toothpaste -1 dollar coupon
Got 2 B Heat protector spray -50 cent coupon
Tigi smooth lustre cream
small package of skittles
The Hangover DVD for my brother

The Sims 3 expansion pack, great deal!
Sexy black Victorias secret brand new garter lace skirt

a few more gifts then done xmas!!
After the next post..not much shopping for a bit!!

(your total is:)

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
10:39 am

Shopping over the past WHILE!

Strawberry banana yogurt
Long sleeve black shirt for scott xmas
Xbox boxers for scott
6 pack of blue gatorade
Tide stain release pacs -1 dollar coupon they work great!
Sunlight HE detergent -1 coupon
3 hot wheels cars, my mechanic boyfriends idea for ornaments!
Snowflake ornament
Lauren ornament! Gotta find a scott one!
Silver sparkly 6 pack of ornmanents
Bell ornaments, red and silver
BBQ pringles

Tide to go pen, -50 cent coupon
Downy wrinkle release spray
Pineapple air freshner
Spiderman advent calendar!
Chocolate syrup
Table syrup, low fat
Crystal light
24 rolls of Cashmere toilet paper

Pharma plus
Tampax pearl multipack, -1 dollar coupon
Lint roller
Low calorie Powerade, nasty
Mini eggs
Purell hand sanitizer
student bus pass
royale facial tissue
Blue sparkly nail polish
Secret cherry gel deodorant -50 cent coupon

Calendar club
Cute animal one a day calendar for my secret santa exchange at work
Sex in 365 different position calendar for scott, xmas!

Cinammon waffles
Skillet frozen pasta
Chocolate milk
Tropicana orange juice
Extra lean ground beef

Rental of The ugly truth
Bought The Boondock Saints for Scott, -1 dollar coupon

These were GIFTS from my stepdad, a very belated birthday gift!
Red leather Kathy Z. tote purse, so pretty! from Feetfirst
Black babydoll set, from la senza
Grey 3/4 length sleeve cardigan from the garage, -10percent

bought lobster amazing mittens for my friends XMAS present

Shoppers drugmart
O Magazine, I bought it because of Ellen on the cover!
3 bottles of gatorade
Glade tropical plugins, -1 dollar coupon
Life brand granola bars
Frozen teryaki dinner
Cream soda
Cascade detergent -50 cent coupon
Liquid plumer
Old spice body wash for scott, -1 dollar coupon
Case of dr pepper
2 pack of paper towels
Chips ahoy cookies
1% milk
Special k strawberry granola bars
2 boxes of Honey bunches of oats, -2 2 dollar coupons
Kraft dinner spirals
Magic erasers
Butter popcorn crispy minis
Quaker 100calorie bars, -75 cent coupon
Dempsters bread -30 cent coupon
Garbage kitchen bags
Kellogs waffels
6 pack of coke
Caramel fat free pudding

DVD the hand that rocks the cradle

(your total is:)

Monday, December 7th, 2009
10:28 am - It's that time of year.

Bed, Bath and Beyond
6 bamboo napkin rings
6 wooden bead napkin rings
5 spiral metal napkin rings
12 cloth napkins

Everything's A Dollar
4 Christmas tins
Spiderman toys
Silly Putty
3 mini-dusters
1 duster
1 scrub brush
2 bars Yardley soap
3 cans of Pirouette cookies
Suction cup hooks
Scotch tape
Cordial cherries

current mood: rejuvenated

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Saturday, November 28th, 2009
6:12 pm - Black Friday Shopping

Grey herringbone trousers
Brown tweed trousers
Brown herringbone trousers

Paper Factory
Paper plates, dinner and dessert size
Napkins, dinner and beverage size
Paper guest towels
Christmas cards

Rite Aid
Diet Pepsi
Belgian butter cookies
Trash bags

current mood: okay

(your total is:)

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
3:02 pm

Just a bit of shopping.
Gifts for xmas for my best friends baby
Little lamb backback-throw in a few diapers/formula
Adorable Elmo sleeper
3 foot pre lit Christmas tree!
Swiffer vacuum-5 dollar coupon
Cute little snowman lite up figure
-10% spc card discount

I needed some supportive shoes for work, I have a bad back
Reebox turqoise and white shoes
-5 dollar discount

Ham and cheese stuffed chicken
Cinammon frozen waffles
French fries
Frozen brocolli
Frozen veggies with pasta
Pillsburry cinammon buns
Extra lean ground beef
Fat free sour cream
Danone danactiv yogurt-1.50 coupon
Classico pasta sauce x 2
Cold cuts
Dish scrubber
Hamburger helper
Campbells 1/2 fat cream of chicken soup
2 boxes of Nature Valley dark chocolate granola bars
Minute rice
White cheddar rice cakes
2 bags of bbq crispy minis
Skim mozzarella cheese
Honey bunches of oats cereal- 2 coupon
Alphabits cereal
Cesar salad kit

Shoppers drugmart
Tropicana juice
Satin care shave gel 2/5 -2 dollar coupon
Secret fresh effects -50 cent coupon
Garlic pasta side kick
Special k strawberry bars
Fat free caramel pudding
1 % milk
Grape juice boxes
6 pack of dr pepper and sprite
3 cans of chef boyardee
Dempsters brown bread-50 couupon

just a cute green t-shirt with a funny dinosaur on it only 9 bucks
-10 percent

Pharma Plus
Softsoap hand wash-watermelon
Maple brown sugar oatmeal x2
2 fuze drinks
Dove body wash -1.50 coupon
Quaker rice cakes
1 red santa hat, 1 pink one

My ebay...bwahaha
Sexy lace thigh high boots..omg so cute..splurge!by Victoria's Secret-Colin Stuart

(your total is:)

Sunday, November 8th, 2009
8:42 pm

Shopping over the past while..nothing too thrilling!

Loblaws Grocery Store
Beef fresh tortellini
Pork tenderloin
Boneless skinless chicken breasts
Extra lean ground beef
Cinammon waffles
Pogos..so unhealthy..so expensive but so tasty!
Brown eggs
Cored pineapple
Frozen mixed veggies
Mix of frozen juices
Garlic butter
Fruit jello cups
Heinz ketchup
Coke and diet coke
Mr Clean wipes -coupon

November bus pass
Carbonara side kicks
BBQ crispy minis
Apple nutrigrain bars
Frosted flakes

Pharma Plus
Kellogs strawberry nutrigrain bars
Strawberry cream body wash
Chef B. beefaroni
Cosmetic sponges
Nail clippers
Nature valley granola bars
8 double rolls of charmin tp, - coupon
25ft of alum. foil -coupon
Beige secret pantyhose
Rubber gloves

Buy one get one fuzzy slippers ugg type style, one in bright blue, one brown and white print
cream coloured and black over the knee socks
cute socks
graphic t-shirt all 3/15
Grey mittens

Shoppers drugmart
Jello caramel fat free pudding cups
Neocitran for my sick boyfriend..
Extra strength ibuprofen tablets
Gross Monster energy drink
Ciniplex buttery popcorn
Magic erasers--best things ever!
Brown bread
1% milk x 2
Chocolate milk x 2
Crest vivid white toothpaste -50 cent coupon
Neutrogena grapefruit scrub -2 dollar coupon
6 pack of dr pepper
Organic mini chocolate chip cookies
Loreal ever pure sulfate free shampoo
Hungry man dinners x2
Dove energizing citrus body wash
Tropicana mango orange juice
Classico four cheese pasta suace

EBAY LOVEEEEE....my treat.
Thigh high brown suede boots, sexy and a great deal, brand new
Sexy santa Victorias Secret tank top, new
Striped red and white thigh high socks w/pompoms..cute suprise for b/f

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Tuesday, October 27th, 2009
10:28 am - ...


1)      Frozen Broccoli

2)      Canned Corn (2)

3)      Rice Noodles

4)      Thai Kitchen Noodles (Individual (3-4) and Two-Person Boxes(1-2))

5)      Frozen Shrimp

6)      Chocolate Almond Milk

7)      Sweetened Vanilla Rice Milk

8)      Canned Whole Mushrooms (2) and Pieces (1)

9)      Bread

10) Cheese (2 Types)

11)  Veggie or Turkey Bacon

12)  Skim Milk

13)  Cereal

14)  Oyster Sauce

15)  Instant Jasmine Rice

16)  Meatless Lunchmeat (2)

17)  Frozen Veggie Lasagna/Cannelloni/Neatloaf (2)

18)  Fresh Uncooked Pizza

19)  Extra-Firm Tofu (and Marinade/BBQ Sauce)

20)  Faux Hamburger Meat (and Hamburger Helper/Taco Kit)

21)  Eggs

        22)  Wheat Thins or Triscuits

        23)  Yellow Onions

        24)  Jarred Pasta Sauce

        25)  Dry Pasta

        26)  Blue Corn or Whole Grain Tortilla Chips

        27)  Sidekicks (2-3)

        28)  French Fries



+ Mint Hot Cocoa

+ Instant Cookie Dough

+ No-Name Brand Pizza Pockets (for the taller half)

+ Dijon Mustard

On top of that, I need to acquire (Xmas Prezzies!):

+ Chong Figure (I already bought the Cheech figure for the taller half)
+ Slap-Chop (Apparently my Mother wants one...)
+ The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
+ iPhone Care Charger (For my elder brother)
+ Car Duster
+ Quilt/Robe
+ Glider Key Chain
+ Happy Bunny Calender
+ Season Two of Ben 10
+ Three Cat Dishes

current mood: sore

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Monday, October 26th, 2009
1:58 pm - Fall clothing, and groceries!

Shopping since last post

Sirens clothing
Dark grey bootcut jeans

Bright blue v-neck top 12 bucks -10%

Bon cop Bad Cop DVD 5 bucks, I love that movie

Marcelle ivory foundation
Covergirl light powder, -1$ coupon

black lace camisole

Black EMU suede boots

Suzy Shier
black cotton shrug -10%

Stolen Innocence
-10 percent

Shoppers drugmart
Gillette fusion shave gel -$2 coupon
Sun rype grape juice boxes
Can of full throttle
Strawvberry pop tarts
Fructis conditioner
Gillette man shampoo-$1 coupon

Pharma Plus
12 rolls of Cottonelle bath tissue, - 1 dollar coupon
Fresh wipes
Febreeze hawaiian air effects -1 dollar coupon
box of smarties
8 roll of double charmin -50 cent coupon
2 boxes of royale kleenex
Tampax pearls, -$1 coupon
7 day pill container
Herbal essences tousle me mousse -50 cent coupon

Loblaws Superstore
2 onion buns
Brown bread
Cinammon raison bagels
2 boxes of dark chocolate Nature valley granola bars -$1 coupon
Maple brown sugar oatmeal
Tim hortons fine ground coffee
Penne pasta
a few different frozen juices
Ham and turkey cut from the deli
Low fat strawberry yogurt
Skim mozarella cheese
Fat free mozza cheese slices -$2 coupon
Mild cheddar cheese
1% milk
Frozen brocolli with cheese sauce
Low fat frozen meatballs
Campells low fat cream of chicken soup
Scalloped potaotes
bottle of root beer
4 bottles of gatorade
Classico sweet marinara pasta sauce
Club pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts
Low fat hot dogs
Quaker white cheddar rice cakes -75 cent coupon
24 pack of water

6 pack of bottled dr pepper
Small bag of ketchup chips to cure my craving
Honeycomb cereal
Light miracle whip
Lasanga noodles
Ritz crackers
Dark chocolate granola bars -coupon
Classico four cheese pasta sauce
Large hamper
Strawberry gum buy one get one
Wii fit plus game
Carton of apple juice
Chocolate chip granola bars
Tropicana tropical blend orange juice
Electrasol gelpacs
Cranberry granola bars
Honey bunches of oats cereal-2 coupon
2 bistro rice packs, -$2 coupon
Tangerine grapefruit crystal light
-10 percent

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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009
8:09 am

Over the past while

Loblaws grocery store
Cheddar pasta side kicks, x2- coupons
Fajita seasoning
6 pack of cheese buns
BBQ crispy minis
Whole wheat tortillas
Maple brown sugar oatmeal
Sliced ham
Sliced turkey with tomato and basil, mmm
Skim mozzarella cheese
Rotini pasta
Corn bran cereal
Grape juice boxes
Campbells Light cream of chicken soup x 2
White vinegar
1% milk
Lean ground pork
French fries
Low sodium bacon
Boneless skinless chicken breasts
20 pack of coke
Extra lean ground beef
yellow onion
seasoned pork loin

Pharma plus
Travel tissue packs for my runny nose
Soft toothbrush
Crest prohealth mouthwash-coupon
BBQ reduced fat pringles-coupon

Bottle of apple juice
Urban Legend DVD for 5 bucks

Shoppers Drugmart
Royale kleenex x 2
Bottle of cola and cream soda
Eye drops
Oh henry bar
Quaker chocolate chip granola bars x2
Fruit by the foot
6 pack of dr pepper and coke
Playtex tampons
Dempsters enriched bread-coupon
1% milk
Chicken nuggets
Hungry man dinners x 2
Sunlight dish soap
Butterscotch pudding

Tropicana orange juice x 2
Banana strawberry yogurt
Full throttle energy drink
Classico four cheese pasta sauce
Whole wheat bread

Le Chateau, my splurge for the wedding im going to next month
A-line black dress with rhinestone strap, adorable!
Red patent leather high heels with bows at the back, so sexy

super cheap dvd of Liar Liar
the new Mum Cd

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Monday, September 28th, 2009
1:58 pm

The Source

My KRZR took a crap finally so it was time to get a new cell phone!
I bought the Samsung Hype, and did not sign another contract, just threw my sim card in :)
Black carrying case

Pharma Plus
Lady speed stick anti perspirant,in melon and apple scent
Softsoap warm vanilla sugar hand soap
Birthday card for my mother
16 single rolls of Royalle tp, for 2.99

Algonquin College Bookstore
Sex and the city book
Standards for Professional Communication text

Best buy for my boyfriends birthday
Band of brothers Blu ray disc set

Shoppers drugmart
Febreeze air freshner spray, berry scent -coupon
Carton of 1% milk
Nivea shower gel
Jello pudding
Special k strawberry bars
Case of 6 pack of dr pepper
Oral B toothbrush
Can of campbells veggie soup
Crystal light orange tangerine singles mix
Life brand oil absorbing sheets

Entree size tupperware containers
Chocolate chip granola bars
Chocolate syrup mix
Electrosol dishwasher detergent
Tide detergent, - coupon

2 packages of boneless skinless chicken breasts
Caramel apple blossoms, 4 pack, mmmmm
Brown sugar

student bus pass
Wii fit on sale for 70 bucks!
24 pack of bottled water
Gatorade fruit punch 6 pack
Chocolate milk
Coke 12 pack
Barqs root beer 12 pack
Pillsbury cinammon buns
Source fat free strawberry yogurt
Smoked sliced beef
Penne pasta
Whole wheat bread
Carbonara side kick
Mashed potato side kick
Waterpick amazing shower head 35% off
Crystal light orange strawberry banana singles
Write on tabs for school
Maple brown sugar oatmeal
HP printer paper
-10% spc card discount
Imogen Heaps new CD
Crash DVD

(your total is:)

Saturday, September 19th, 2009
2:32 pm - Arrr!

On this fine International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I have returned from me travels with sack of booty!

Stephanie and Eric's Vegetable Stand
Sweet potaties
Pie pumpkin

Dollar General Store
Padded envelopes
Laundry detergent
Dish detergent
White grape diet soda
Storage jar
Magazine with jack-o-lanterns on the cover

current mood: arrrr!

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